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Customer Interviews

Customer Interviews: A better way of doing them with 1 example

The great entrepreneur and author of Lean Startup, Eric Reis said: “People are metrics too”. He is not even the first one to do so, Steve Blank in his “Customer Development” framework that came before the Lean Startup movement is based on “Get out of the building” motto in discovering who your customers and what their needs are.

Here’s a nice story from Steve Blank on how he almost got fired

product management, explaining vision

Product Management: Stop using different roles!

Why is it important to understand what Product Management is and where other roles, like the one of the Product Owner fit.
Mainly, for two reasons: 
a) to help you understand the difference and the requirements for a possible career path;
b) if you are in a more senior role, to help you get a more viable product an enable innovation in all your product teams. We will be discussing this point below.