Entrepreneurship means you’re driven by a desire to succeed on your own. The decisions that you don’t take are the ones that are going to be made for you. Read why here!

Customer Interviews

Customer Interviews: A better way of doing them with 1 example

The great entrepreneur and author of Lean Startup, Eric Reis said: “People are metrics too”. He is not even the first one to do so, Steve Blank in his “Customer Development” framework that came before the Lean Startup movement is based on “Get out of the building” motto in discovering who your customers and what their needs are.

Here’s a nice story from Steve Blank on how he almost got fired

Economic moats, fierce competition among market players

Economic moats: 5 ways you can gain competitive leverage now!

Have you ever thought about what makes a great business? Or what keeps a great business great?
Besides the product, there are other forces that come into play in keeping the business afloat. Even great and world renowned businesses that fail to ride the wave of the market will surely fail, by having to constantly keep watch over some of the market forces they can prevent that.